How to Test a Lead Point and Add it to a Production Ping Tree

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How to Test a Lead Point and Add it to a Production Ping Tree

This help article documents how to test an individual Lead Point.  To test an entire Ping Tree see How to Test a Ping Tree.

To test a Lead Point in such a way that it does not result in production behaviors you check its Test Mode configuration checkbox and then click the Update button for that page.  Now whenever that Lead Point executes in a Ping Tree it will:

  1. use its Post URL Test (if defined) at post time instead of its Post URL Production setting,

  2. use any Test Expression overrides defined for the parameters of its Interface,

  3. prevent any Accept conditions from manifesting as a quota counting Accept, and

  4. prevent any Receivable events from being raised due to the Lead Point running.

For this setting to be most effective you must have defined Test Expression values for some of the parameters of the Lead Point's Interface.  A good posting specification will usually provide options for indicating that a lead is a test lead.  Sometimes it is a special static value for one of the parameters.  Review the relevant posting specification and set up your Interface accordingly so that the Test Mode checkbox is most effective.

A good strategy for adding a new Lead Point to an existing production Ping Tree is:

  1. If the new Lead Point will need a new Interface then define that Interface.

  2. Add the new Lead Point and check its Test Mode checkbox.

  3. Define a test Ping Tree if you have not already done so.  Name and ID it any way you like.  Use the default Unique Lead definition with a low duration (minutes).  Select the same Form that the production Ping Tree will use.  Use the XML response format.  Keep its Enabled checkbox unchecked until you are ready to use it.

  4. Place the new Lead Point into the test Ping Tree as its only entry and then enable the Ping Tree.

  5. Use the test tool located at to send test values to the test ping tree.  Do NOT supply the value "testtest" in your test posts as this will cause the submit handler to only run validations.  For more about "testtest" see How to Test a Ping Tree.

  6. Once you and your lead buyer are happy with this level of testing then disable the test Ping Tree and then put this Lead Point into the production Ping Tree.

  7. Choose whether to leave the Lead Point in Test Mode for some time while it first exists in the production Ping Tree.

  8. Consider also placing a daily limit on the new Lead Point until you are able to coordinate with your lead buyer to verify that the leads are acceptable.

You may wish to define a test Ping Tree for each person that will be adding and testing Lead Points so that a conflict does not arise during simultaneous testing of different Lead Points.