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Reference - Browser Support

TSL Ping Tree is implemented as two load balanced websites for each customer.  The website that allows you to configure ping trees and get reporting data is called the Portal.  The website that processes transactions such as Clicks, Submits, and Redirects is called the Gateway.

Your Portal has a host name of * while your Gateway has a host name of *

The Portal requires JavaScript and Cookies in order to function properly.  Supported browsers are Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari on OS X. We never test the Firefox browser, but we have no reason to believe it won't work correctly since our web controls vendor does support it.  We definitely do not support the Opera browser because it breaks the right mouse click capability that exists in the browsers we support.

The Gateway merely processes transactions without providing a front end (a current exception being the ping tree test page where again IE, Firefox, and Chrome are the supported browsers) and therefore the Gateway is browser neutral.  Note however that if you are using the "ClickThru" service to start clicks and you wish to rely on cookies from * to handle your tracking needs then visitors will need to allow third party tracking cookies.  Most do, however we strongly recommend that you help the ClickThru service to perform at its best by passing our Click IDs through to each of your landing pages where you keep its value in some kind of state management implementation so that for every subsequent form submission you can pass that Click ID in as our "c" parameter.