Using AuditTrailSearch.aspx

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Using AuditTrailSearch.aspx

All configuration changes for a customer account are recorded in an audit trail.  This page allows users to review the audit trail.

Use the text box to enter a string that will limit the results.  The string will match any of the visible columns except for the leading date/time column and the Success Yes/No column.

If a search string is supplied and a configuration item used to be named something that matches the search string then all configuration changes for that item will also match.  For example, if a Field was initally named "Date Of Birth" and it was changed to "DOB" then a search for "Birth" will return all changes to that Field even though currently its name does not contain the string "Birth".

To exclude Success=Yes uncheck the "Include Success" checkbox.

To exclude Success=No uncheck the "Include Failure" checkbox.

The date/time returned for each entry will be in the time zone selected in the time zone dropdown list.