Using extracts/Click.aspx

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Using extracts/Click.aspx

This article explains how to extract data for the Click event.  The extract file produced is in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format.  CSV is a popular text-based file format which can be imported by most spreadsheet and database software and can be opened in any editor that supports text based file formats.

TSL Ping Tree has an event driven architecture.  When a visit begins, for example, a Click event is raised and certain tracking information is captured.  When a lead is posted, a Form Submission (a.k.a. Submit) event is raised; this is where data items such as the name and email address of the lead are captured.

The Extracts menu lists all of the supported events.  Each option from that menu presents a web page for extracting data for the selected event.

Query Criteria

Select a time zone and enter a From and a To date.  The From date is inclusive while the To date is exclusive.  For example, to extract a single day's worth of data select that date for the From date and the following date for the To date.

Next enter the number of minutes that you wish to consider a redirect as valid.

As soon as you enter both a From and To date, and if you change a From or To date, the Filename field will automatically change to "Click_FromDate-ToDate.csv" e.g. "Click_20120101-20120201.csv".  You may change the Filename before clicking the Create Extract button.

Extract File Contents

Field Description
ClickDateTime_Time_Zone The date and time that the event was raised down the the second.
Millseconds How many milliseconds the system took to process this event.
ClickGuid A Globally Unique IDentifier (GUID) -based internal unique identifier for the event.
ClickId An integer-based unique identifier for the associated Click.
SiteId The value of the SiteId (s) visit tracking parameter.
AffiliateId The value of the AffiliateId (a) visit tracking parameter.
PromotionId The value of the PromotionId (p) visit tracking parameter.
SubId1 The value of the SubId1 (s1) visit tracking parameter.
SubId2 The value of the SubId2 (s2) visit tracking parameter.
SubId3 The value of the SubId3 (s3) visit tracking parameter.
IpAddress The IP Address (v4) of the HTTP request that raised this event.
BrowserIpAddress The unverified value of the Visitor/Browser IP Address (ip) parameter.  Only IP v4 is supported.
LandingPage The specified or system-selected landing page.  Our Click Thru service will select one on a weighted random basis per the configuration of the specified Promotion.  Alternatively, System Parameter lp can supply a landing page override which can use Token Substitution markup to produce a valid http:// or https:// URL.  When a visit starts by using our Get Click Service or by posting a lead to Submit then this field will be empty.
Referrer The value of the HTTP "REFERER" (sic) header field for the HTTP request that raised this event.  Browsers and proxy servers control whether this URL is set and if so what URL is supplied.
GeneralErrors Any system errors encountered when this event was raised.
RawHttpRequestGuid A Globally Unique IDentifier (GUID) -based internal unique identifier for the HTTP request that raised this event.