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Using IpFilterSet.aspx

An IP Filter Set is a set of IP Addresses or IP Address Ranges that can be attached to a Filter to cause it to pass or fail based on the IP Address of the current HTTP Request and/or the unverified Visitor IP Address claimed by the caller.

To apply an IP Filter:

  1. Create a new Filter or update and existing one via the Config > Filter menu option.
  2. Choose the filter type.  Global is good for dealing with fraud IP Addresses.  Promotion and Ping Tree are good for limiting both server-to-server calls and direct visitor traffic from Front Sites.  Lead Point is good for honoring a filter request from a Lead Buyer.
  3. Insert a new Filter Entry at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Select System Attribute "IP Address" -- the IP Address of the current HTTP Request from the caller -- and/or System Parameter "Browser IP Address" -- the unverified IP Address of the visitor as posted by the caller via System Parameter "ip".  Note that when the "ip" System Parameter is not set then the value of the physical IP Address of the caller will be used.  Whether you use one or both of these IP Address data items in your Filter definition depends on whether you are receiving server-to-server posts or you are receiving post directly from a front site.
  5. Save the Filter.
  6. If the type is Global then this completes the process.  For any other type of Filter you must attach the Filter to a matching type of configuration item.  E.g. if you made a Ping Tree filter then you must attach this Filter to one or more Ping Trees via the Config > Ping Tree menu option.
Configuration Item Description
Name A unique IP Filter Set name up to 255 characters.
Hidden You can't delete an IP Filter Set once you create it but you can change its definition and you can also hide it so that it does not appear in drop down lists, e.g.
IP Range
Attach one or more IP Ranges.  CIDR notation is supported e.g. "".

If you want to create an IP filter set that checks for valid formatting of an IP address without consideration for whether the address is routable or not, you can create an IP Filter Set with a range of - It is not necessary to filter the built-in IP addresses such as "Browser IP Address" because these will always be validly formatted IP addresses.