Using reporting/ClickByPromotionChart.aspx

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Using reporting/ClickByPromotionChart.aspx

The Click by Promotion Summary Chart allows you to view three charts at once on the same page:

  1. Revenue by Promotion
  2. Cost By Promotion
  3. Clicks By Promotion

Use these charts to get a high level picture of how well your promotions are performing.

Query Criteria

Select a time period granularity - Hourly, Daily, or Monthly - and then select a start and end date/time.  For Hourly you must also select a Time Zone.  The Start Time is inclusive while the End Time is exclusive.  For example, to report against a single day's worth of data select that date at 12:00 AM for the Start Date/Time and the following date at 12:00 AM for the End Date/Time.

Chart Contents

The resulting three charts are color coded stacked bar charts where each color represents a promotion.  Each chart has time along the X axis.

The Revenue by Promotion chart has booked lead buyer revenue along the Y axis.

The Cost By Promotion chart has booked affiliate payout costs along the Y axis.

The Clicks By Promotion chart has count of clicks along the Y axis.