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Using reporting/Invoice.aspx

The Invoice report summarizes the receivables due to you from your lead buyers for the specified date range.

NOTE:  A lead point must be configured with a Receivable Event other than "Never" in order to trigger a receivable.  If you are not seeing any lead counts for a certain lead buyer then make sure that the lead buyer's lead points are configured to trigger receivables.  If you wish you may set up a lead point to have a fixed receivable amount of zero to keep actual financial figures out of TSL Ping Tree.

Query Criteria

Select a time zone and enter a Start Date and an End Date.  The Start Date is inclusive while the End Date is exclusive.  For example, to report against a single day's worth of data select that date for the Start Date and the following date for the End Date.

Next enter the Invoice Date.

Next select the lead buyers.

Report Contents

Each page summarizes the lead counts and revenue for a single lead buyer.

The report header displays the selected time zone and date range, lead buyer, and invoice date.

The detail shows each lead point name, buyer accounting code (if one was configured for that lead point), the unit price, the quantity, and the total amount.

NOTE:  For dynamically priced lead points the unit price is the average price for the covered time period.