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Using reporting/RedirectRate.aspx

The Redirect Rate Report allows you to diagnose issues with partner redirect rates.

Query Criteria

Select a time zone and enter a From and a To date. The From date is inclusive while the To date is exclusive. For example, to report against a single day's worth of data select that date for the From date and the following date for the To date.

Next enter the number of minutes that you wish to consider a redirect as valid.

Report Contents

The redirect report is returned as a pagable grid which can be further filtered using the in-grid filter controls underneath the column headings.  To further filter the results enter a value into one or more in-grid filter control boxes and then click the funnel icon to the right of each text box.  Choose a match criteria such as "EqualTo" or "LessThan" or "Contains". See How to User Grid Filter Toolbar for more information on filtering.

The first level of the report shows the redirect rates grouped by SiteId, PromotionId, and then AffiliateId. Once the grid is displayed, you can sort by a column by clicking on the column name and you can also filter all of the columns by entering a value in the filter text box and then clicking on the filter icon and selecting a filter function (such as greater than, or less than).

In addition to the redirect rate information, there are three additional columns of information which may allow you to further drill down grouping the results by SubId1, SubId2, or SubId3. If a given SubId value is always blank or if every one is different you won't have the ability to drill down by that SubId value. Otherwise, you will see a number that represents the count of unique values that were posted for that SubId value. You can click on that number to see a drill down grouped by that SubId value.

When you click on a drill down link, you see a similar grid that is limited to one SiteId, PromotionId, AffiliateId, and the selected SubId1, SubId2, or SubId3. You can sort and filter all of the columns in the drill down report. You may also see one or more buttons allowing you to add additional SubId columns in the drill down report.

To close the drill down report, you can either click the "X" button at the top right corner of the popup window or you can press the escape key.

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