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Using Schedule.aspx

A Schedule is a set of time ranges across all of the days of the week in a specified time zone.  Schedules are attached to Filters which are attached to Promotions, Ping Trees, and Lead Points; there is also a Global filter that applies to all Promotions and Ping Trees.  Schedules can be set up so that a Filter either fails or passes based on whether the current day and time is on or off schedule.

To make the scheduling feature work first define a Schedule.  Next define a Filter and on the Filter configuration management page add a new filter entry.  Select the data dictionary category "Schedule" from the first drop down list.  This will populate the second drop down list with the set of defined schedules.  Finally choose whether this filter rule is to pass if the schedule is met versus if it is not met by choosing Require or Block, respectively.

Configuration Item Description
Name A unique schedule name up to 255 characters.
Time Zone Select a Time Zone.
Notes Anything goes here.
Hidden You can't delete a Schedule once you create it but you can change its definition and you can also hide it so that it does not appear in drop down lists, e.g.
Schedule entries For each entry select one or more days of the week and enter a start and end time.  Start times are inclusive while end times are exclusive.  So for example with M-F 9am - 5pm 9:00:00 AM matches while 5:00:00 PM does not. SOD means Start Of Day and EOD means End Of Day.

Later when you attach a Schedule to a Filter you will have the opportunity to specify it as Require versus Block.  Require means that the current day of week and time in the specified time zone must match the Schedule while Block means that it must not match.