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Using UrlSet.aspx

A URL Set is used to define the possible Landing Pages for a promotion.  Landing pages are only used when our Click Thru service is used to start a Click in which case one of the URLs is selected on a random weighted basis and the visitor is redirected to that URL.

It is very important that you pass our Click ID to each of your landing pages if possible to ensure the most accurate visit statistics.  You do this by using our Expression Builder (the button with an "e" label next to each URL you define) to add our System Parameter for Click ID as a value to a parameter that can be passed to each landing page.  For example you might produce${sp.Click ID} as a URL.  By passing our Click ID to this landing page you are in a position to do cookie-less tracking.  When you pass a form submission into your account you also pass this Click ID to keep what happens associated with this visit.  Without this "handshake" then tracking is left to cookies which are not 100% accurate due to browser privacy options.  For more about clicks and submits see the associated "How To" articles.

Configuration Item Description
Name A unique URL Set name up to 255 characters.
Notes Anything goes here.
Hidden You can't delete a URL Set once you create it but you can change its URLs and you can also hide it so that it does not appear in drop down lists, e.g.

URL - This must start with http:// or https:// or ${sa.URL Scheme} which will match the scheme of the current transaction.  Use the Expression Builder available from the nearby button to make Token Substitution easy.

Weight - Define the relative weight of this URL with respect to all others. Leave blank or set to the same weight as the others for equal treatment.

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