How to Use Grid Filter Toolbar

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How to Use Grid Filter Toolbar

Some of the grids in the TSL Ping Tree Portal have a filter tool that allows you to apply additional filters on the selected data. The toolbar looks like this:

If you click on the funnel you can pick from a list of comparison operators to further restrict the list. Keep the following things in mind when you use the grid filters:

  • The filters will only further restrict the data that is in the grid so if the search you ran (for example in Click Search) restricted the data to items from today, setting the grid filter will not go back to the database and retrieve records from another day--it will only further restrict the current list.
  • Sometimes certain comparison operators might not make sense--for example the "Between" operator on the Form Field Values in the Click Search grid.

The filter dropdown will be slightly different depending on what the data type of the column is. This is what the dropdown looks like for a column with String data:

The above dropdown filter is set up to restrict the results to rows with the Promotion ID between 1002 and 1005.

Helpful Hints on Filtering

Between and NotBetween - If you want to use either of these operators, put the two bounding values in the filter text box with a space between them. For example to limit the list to values between 1002 and 1005 enter "1002 1005" in the text box and then click the funnel and select "Between".

Removing a Filter - To remove a filter, click on the funnel button and select "No Filter".

Between and NotBetween for DateTime - This feature is not supported.