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Using ManageReturns.aspx

This article expains how to use the optional Returns module.

You can watch the video below to get an overview of the entire returns module or you can watch the videos in each section to get an overview of just that section's topic.

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What is a Lead Return?

A lead “return” is a lead generation term that means your lead buyer does not want to pay you for a lead. Your lead buyers may request that a lead be returned to you for a number of reasons:

  • The lead was fraudulent
  • The consumer could not be contacted
  • The lead buyer was unable to sell to the consumer
  • Or any other reason

As the lead seller the decision of whether to accept or decline the return is usually based on your contract with the lead buyer (often referred to as the Insertion Order or IO).

What is the Returns Module?

The Returns module allows you to import a file of requested returns and process these return requests by either accepting or declining the return and optionally charging back the affiliate payout for the lead.

Initial Configuration

Before importing a returns file, you need to perform the initial configuration by configuring your organization's custom return codes. To do so, click on: Config / Preferences, then expand the "Returns" node, and then click on the "Reasons" node. There you can add your organization's reason codes, such as:

  • Possible Fraud
  • Confirmed Fraud
  • Phone Number Problem
  • Email Address Problem
  • Unable to Communicate with Consumer
  • Test Submission
  • Lead not Seen
  • Other

Required Format for Returns File

The returns file must be a comma separated value (CSV) file with headers and contain the following columns:

Column Description
Unique ID Either this or the PingPostGuid column is required. If the CSV returns file contains the Unique ID column, it will match the lead by comparing to the ResponseUniqueId returned from the lead buyer in the accept response.
PingPost Guid Either this or the Unique ID column is required. If the CSV returns file contains the PingPost Guid column, it will match the lead by comparing to the unique PingPost Guid that was sent to the lead buyer when the accepted lead was posted.
Millseconds How many milliseconds the system took to process this event.
Reason This column specifies why the buyer is requesting a return of this lead. After the import, you will use this value to match to your organization's custom return codes. Your organization's custom return code will be shown to the affiliate on the chargeback, NOT this reason.
Comment This comment will appear with the return refund on the invoice to the lead buyer. This field allows the lead buyer to match the actual return to their requested return.

How to Process Returns

To access the optional returns processing module, select "Advanced / Returns" from the menu. To process returns, you will need to perform the following steps:

  • Import returns file
  • Review the returns and set disposition, credits, and chargebacks.
  • Review and dispose of unmatched returns

Import Returns File

First, press the "Select File" button and select the returns file to import. Next pick the lead buyer from the drop down. Next you need to select which column from the file contains:

  • Unique ID or PingPost Guid
  • Reason for the return
  • Comment which will identify the return to the lead buyer

Review Returns

After you have imported returns you can review the returns and decide whether to accept and whether to charge back the affiliate commission. As you process the returns, there are two dates that you can modify to set the posting date of the return and commission chargebacks. You can set these at the top of the "Process Returns" tab and until you change the values, every return you process will use those dates:

Field Description
Posting Time Zone This indicates what timezone the two dates are in. This defaults to your "Default Timezone" in your user profile. The dates will be stored in an internal format and will be adjusted at report and extract time based on what time zone you choose then.
Return Posting DateTime This indicates what date and time will be set on return credits. If you want the return posting date to be set to the time of the receivable, check "Use lead purchase date/time"
Commission Chargeback DateTime This indicates what date and time will be set on commission chargebacks. If you want the commission chargeback date to be set to the time of the commission, check "Use commission date/time".

Review a return by clicking on the edit button to display the details of the lead. The fields on this form are:

Field Description
Lead Buyer This is the name of the lead buyer that requested the return.
Return Reason This is the reason that the lead buyer gave for returning the lead.
Return Code Your organization-specific return reason.
Always use this return code in future If you check this this box, the buyer Return Reason will map to your selected Return Code on all future returns.

If the box is already checked, then the reason mapping has already been saved.
Refund Buyer Check this box to refund the cost of the lead to the lead buyer.
Refund Amount The amount that will be refunded to the lead buyer. The refund amount should be less than or equal to zero.
Set all matching returns the same If you check this box every return with the same Lead Buyer, Return Reason, and Original Amount as the current lead will have their disposition set the same, including the reason, lead buyer refund, and affiliate chargeback.
Comment Initially, this is the comment imported from the returns file. The comment will be shown on the lead buyer invoice and extracts. You can change this value but only for the current return, not for returns updated because of the "set all matching returns the same" checkbox.
Payables You can charge back a portion of the payable by clicking the edit icon on the payables list and changing the chargeback amount and then clicking the check icon.
Charge back full amount of all payables for this return If you want to charge back the full amount for all of the payables, just check this box instead of editing the individual payable amounts.
Set Refund and Chargeback All
If you press this button, the following 3 checkboxes will be checked: refund buyer, charge back ful amount of all payables for this return, and set all matching returns the same. This is here to help speed up setting the most common return disposition.
Form Fields This is the list of form fields that were submitted to the ping tree.
Click Fields This is the list of tracking fields for the lead.

Dispose of Unmatched Returns

If any imported returns do not match a lead, they are added to the unmatched returns list. You can view this list on the "Unmatched Returns" tab. After reviewing the list, you can click the "Discard These Returns" button to get remove them from the list.

Where Processed Returns Show Up in System

Lead buyer returns are reported in:

  • Lead Buyer Invoice
  • Receivables Extract
  • Return Receivable Feed (optional feature)

Affiliate commission chargebacks are reported in:

  • Commission Report
  • Payables Extract
  • Return Payable Feed (optional feature)