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Purchasing Banked Submits

You can use this page to purchase Banked Submits. Here is the description of the fields on this page:

Field Description
Banked Submit Balance This shows the current balance on your account in number of submits.
Cost Per Submit This shows your per transaction cost for submit overages. This is the prices that you will be charged per submit to buy banked submits.
Select Amount This is the cost for additional transactions you will be charged. This price has minimum amounts and specific incremental purchase options.
Submits Added This shows the the number of banked submits that will be added to your account based on your selected purchase amount.
Transaction fee This shows the transaction fee for your purchase.
Total cost This shows the total amount that your banked submit purchase will cost.

When you press "Click here to enter payment method", you will be redirected to our payment provider's web site to enter your credit card information.

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